20 May 2013, 00:00


I’m really pleased to annouce the release of MongoEngine 0.8.0. Its been a long process due to work and life commitments but the latest version of MongoEngine is here.

Whats changed?

There have been loads of fixes, improvements and changes in 0.8. The headliners are:

  • Minimum requirements are python 2.6+ and pymongo 2.5+
  • Inheritance now off by default
  • Inherited documents store _cls not _types (preventing auto creation of multikey indexes)
  • Querysets are immutable and now return clones
  • New Geo Fields supporting mongodb 2.4 new “2dSphere” indexes
  • New context managers for switching collections or databases on the fly as well as turning off dereferencing
  • Django support improved (now supports Django 1.5.1, groups and permissions)
  • Performance improvements, back to the same performance as 0.4

And much, much more!

See the full changelog for all changes or check github to see the 96 tickets that have been fixed as part of this release.

Whats next?

There are a number of ideas on github for 0.9. I’m looking for people to help with the administration and coding of MongoEngine, so please get involved and help drive MongoEngine forward!

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