20 Nov 2015, 12:06

El Capitan and key_load_public: invalid format
I upgraded to El Capitan on my Mac and it all went smoothly apart from one hitch. When pulling or pushing to Github I would get the following error: key_load_public: invalid format. Everything worked but opaque error messages are annoying. I tried googling and all I found was this article. It seemed to solve the issue but I didn’t like the solution, mainly because it didn’t help me understand the problem!

20 Mar 2013, 00:00

Automate all the things

Disaster Strikes

Last week my Mac book ran out of space again, this had been going on for some time and I’d had enough. I was spending an ever increasing amount of much time hunting down rogue space invaders on my small 120gb hard drive. So something had to be done.

In times like this there is only one solution!

Source: http://leviathyn.com/games/news/2012/06/14/your-worst-rage-quit-moment/

When upgrading to Mountain Lion I decided to start afresh and reformat my hard drive. Normally starting from scratch would be a royal pain in the backside, taking many days to get things installed and allow me to get back to coding. Then I remembered hearing about boxen which could give me an easy way to rebuild and maintain the software on my Mac and hatched a plan of devops style automation!

My automation trifecta