31 Jul 2013, 00:00

Switching to Sublime Text 3

For a long while I’ve been a huge fan of Sublime Text 2, its easy to use and has a wealth of features that can be installed by the awesome package control system. I use it for all python development and any adhoc file work, infact I only abandon it for my scala work - where IntelliJ wins.

Sublime Text 3 (ST3) has been in beta for six months, and over that time its plugin ecosystem has matured. After experiencing some slow downs in Sublime Text 2 (ST2) I thought it was time to upgrade to an even more sublime experience.

5 step migration to Sublime Text 3

First off there is no risk in trying to upgrade, it has a different app name to ST2 and its configurations are in a different directory. In short you can have both installed and living happily.

1. Can I upgrade?